HARAHAN, LA. - In a stunning early development in the race for Secretary of State, former State Senator A.G. Crowe won the endorsement of the Jefferson Parish Republican Party Executive Committee over home parish Representative Julie Stokes.  Earlier this week, more than 70 Republican Parish Executive Committee Members, State Central Committee Members and elected officials gathered in Harahan to interview the candidates and then, in a secret ballot vote, endorsed the candidate they believed best represented Republican principles.  

    Crowe (R – Pearl River) led the first ballot over Stokes (R – Metairie), acting Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin (R- Baton Rouge) and Representative Rick Edmonds (R – Baton Rouge).  The first ballot was Crowe 30, Stokes 23, Ardoin 11, and Edmonds 8.  The sizable party leadership group in the state’s most populous Republican parish requires a candidate to win more than 50% of the group’s vote for a candidate to earn an endorsement.  The JPREC’s rules require a runoff between the top two vote getters if no candidate reaches 50% on the first ballot.  On the second ballot, Crowe received 38 votes to Stokes’ 33.     The JPREC’s endorsement is the first parish party endorsement made in the campaign.  Said Crowe, “I am excited to earn this endorsement.  The organization considered the voting histories of the candidates, and I am proud to be their standard bearer of conservative Republican principles.  I’ve already logged over 5,000 miles in the last 14 days, crossing the state and meeting people to share my platform and professional history. I am encouraged by the significant support I am gaining every day.  Each candidate knew that the early endorsement from this influential Republican body would be a major boost to a campaign.  I am very happy to win their support.”

    State Representative Polly Thomas (R – Metairie), Chair of the Jefferson Republican Parish Executive Committee, said “The members believe former Senator Crowe embodies Republican principles of compassion, adherence to the Constitution, and fiscal conservatism. We urge voters to cast their votes for him on November 6 or during the early voting period October 23 through October 30.” The endorsement committee is composed of elected members of the Jefferson Republican Parish Executive Committee, elected members of the Republican State Central Committee who reside in Jefferson Parish, the Presidents of the Republican Women’s Clubs of Jefferson Parish, and Republican elected officials who reside in Jefferson Parish.

    Crowe served in the House of Representative for 8 years and in the Louisiana Senate for another 8 before deciding in 2015 not to seek re-election to a third term in the Senate.  During his years as a legislator, Crowe earned the reputation as a strong, fiscal conservative who argued against wasteful spending and big government.  He was a consistent leader in ratings by the state’s largest business and industry group, the Louisiana Association for Business and Industry (LABI), and the Louisiana Family Forum, the state’s leading organization promoting family values.
Senator A.G. Crowe wrote the legislation establishing The Louisiana International Deepwater Gulf Transfer Terminal Authority, a public-private partnership port that will lead to 20,000 good, high-paying jobs for Louisianians and boost the states' economy. He has a unique history of creating jobs both as a private businessman and as a legislator.
A.G. Crowe is a man of great integrity. His love of our state, it’s people combined with his experience, dedication and leadership would make him the perfect choice as our next Secretary of State. James E. Fitzmorris, Jr. Former Lt. Governor & Louisiana Statesman
As the former coastal director for Plaquemines Parish, I worked closely with the legislature to help develop laws and fund projects to save our coast. Senator A.G. Crowe was on the forefront of this effort, always making himself easily accessible and using common sense approaches, which lead the way to some of the largest coastal projects in US history.
I’ve had the opportunity to work with A.G. in the legislature. As a businessman, he brought fresh new ideas to help grow and protect Louisiana businesses. As a dedicated Christian, he holds the record to this day for the highest voting record with the Louisiana Family Forum in support of family values over his 16 years of service. I am honored to endorse A.G. as our next Secretary of State.
“I am supporting A.G. Crowe for Secretary of State. He is "solid as a rock" in every area of his personal and professional life.”
Chuck Sabadie
Chuck Sabadie CEO, The Sabadie Group
“I have known and worked with A.G. for many years in business and community projects. Only the “Energizer Bunny” exceeds his level of energy!"
“I am happy to give my support to my former seat mate in the Louisiana House of Representatives.”
Michelle Ward Ghetti
Michelle Ward Ghetti Law Professor
A.G. Crowe is a man who I am honored to call my friend. When he was in the Senate, I worked with him on a number of pieces of legislation. He is a principled, hard-working, sweet man with an especially close relationship with God. He has been a wonderful example and mentor to me. Please consider him for Secretary of State.
David Ritchie
David Ritchie
I know this man and his values. He stands with God by his side and has high standards and morals. I ask that all my friends and family in the state of Louisiana visit his website and FB page and share his experiences. Please do your research on the candidates then vote for the best candidate which I believe is A.G. Crowe.
Maria Morrow
Maria Morrow
A.G. Crowe is a man of exceptionally high principles. He has our support for Secretary of State for Louisiana!
AG Crowe is a good man, skilled businessman, and has done many good things for our communities while Senator, and as a member of the House of Representatives.
Marion B. Collins
Marion B. Collins
A.G. will absolutely have my vote! He is definitely what we need in the hierarchy of state government, integrity and ability to get things done.
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