“Information is the new currency of the day.”

For better or worse, an entire new multi-trillion-dollar industry has emerged as a result of the digital revolution.

While this phenomenon has been an extraordinary benefit to our economy and society, it has also created a whole new wave of criminal activity.

Your social security number, your credit card numbers, your personal financial data and private health information and your company’s trade secrets are just a few of the top-selling products illegally bought and sold every day all over the planet without your permission and almost always without a hint that it is happening to you!

Identity theft and the misuse of data can devastate an individual or a family or wipe out a business overnight! One of the most important responsibilities of The Records Services Center of the State Archives is to facilitate a safe and secure process for collecting, storing, retaining and disposing of all types of personal data and information about our citizens and companies.

It is vital for the protection of individuals, families and businesses in every corner of our state, to stay ahead of the criminals whose main purpose in life is to steal and sell your personal information. We must continue to be pro-active, seeking and implementing data protection legislation and laws.

I am the only candidate with a specific proactive plan prepared to work with every state agency and every political subdivision such as our cities, towns, parishes, courts, sheriffs, clerks of court, school boards, registrars of voters and others designed specifically to ensure the highest level of protection for our citizens and businesses.

As the founder and CEO of a Louisiana-based records management company, I led the effort to develop software and the latest techniques to keep our client information safe and secure.

My experience and knowledge has prepared me to step in and work alongside the dedicated people in the Secretary of State Department. Some of our goals are included below.

  • Implement cutting-edge technology and strategies used in the private sector to ensure the privacy of every citizen in Louisiana
  • Enhance the level of protection of Louisiana citizens and businesses from identity theft, social security fraud and cyber attacks
  • Proactively work with every state agency to streamline their records management, retention and disposal policies to align with regulatory requirements
  • Free up valuable space in all statewide offices and facilities by reducing unnecessary piles of boxes which will reduce the need and cost to the taxpayers for more buildings and office space
  • Work with every Sheriff, Clerk of Court, Parish, City/Town/Municipality, District Attorney, Assessor, and Registrar of Voter to provide them with the latest techniques and technologies to assist them in managing their records and enhancing the level of protection for the citizens they serve

  • Save taxpayers money by setting up a proactive shredding and disposal service that reduces the cost for every direct state office and political subdivision while meeting all regulatory requirements and protecting our citizens’ and businesses’ information

“We must maintain the integrity of our election processes.”

The Elections Division touches the lives of literally every person in our state. As chief elections officer, the Secretary of State is responsible for qualifying certain candidates, overseeing the election, and tabulating and verifying the results with the highest level of integrity and in a non-partisan environment.

A broken or flawed election process feeds voter apathy and distrust in our government. We must keep up with the latest technology to protect the integrity of our election process. I support the current plan of replacing outdated voting equipment for the security of our citizens’ votes while providing a more efficient process for casting their ballot. Utilizing digital technology but with a paper receipt provided at the ballot box so that you will let you know your vote counted is one of our goals.

“We must reduce voter apathy and encourage higher voter turn-out.”

The Voter Outreach Division is responsible for educating and promoting voter rights.  I will enhance the goals of this division by instituting a volunteer course for all candidates. Data supports that there is an increase in voter apathy and lower voter turnout as a result of negative campaigns; the overall effect on our people is negative, and the image of our state has suffers serious harm.  We need to equip political candidates with effective campaign tools and encourage them to conduct positive issues-oriented campaign.

I will also establish a statewide scholarship program (with private non-taxpayer funds), awarded to one senior from every high school in the state for the best essay on the importance of voting. We need to develop and encourage our young people now more than ever.

“Louisiana has one of the best Commercial Divisions in the nation.”

The Commercial Division registers corporations and other business entities, administers the state trademark laws, and files liens pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code. It also serves as the registered agent for service of process in certain types of lawsuits. The mission of the Commercial Program is to provide the business, financial and legal communities timely and efficient service in the certification and registration of documents relating to securing and retaining business entities and assets; the processing of legal services documents and communication of business licensing information as required by law and to make such information concerning these business entities available to the public; and to ensure the quality of the notary database. My pledge is to continue to implement improvements to reduce the burdens on businesses in Louisiana.

GeauxBIZ is a perfect example of streamlining a process to help business owners. GeauxBIZ gives current and potential business owners a single place to go for all the necessary information to operate within the state. Approval for all licenses and permits still comes from the individual agencies, but GeauxBIZ is a clearinghouse for regulatory information.

The Notaries Division.   Notary applicants must be qualified by the Secretary of State's Office and, unless licensed to practice law in Louisiana, must complete the Notary Exam Pre-Assessment as well as take and pass the state notary exam. The pre-assessment is online and must be completed before an applicant can register for the state notary exam. The pre-assessment is mandatory, but only needs to be taken once. The state notary exam is given twice a year on the first Saturday in June and December. The office maintains the roster of active and inactive notaries in Louisiana and qualifies applicants to take the statewide exam.

The Commissions Division grants commission certificates to state officials, as well as justices of the peace and clergymen to perform marriages. This division also issues apostilles or notes, and attests and affixes the state seal to pardons issued by the Governor. The two divisions of the Secretary of State's Office responsible for the issuance of these certificates are the Commissions Division and the Publications Division. The Commissions Division issues apostilles; issues authentications certificates; and certifies
"Gold Seal" pardons, executive orders and proclamations. The Publications Division issues certificates for bond and signature registration, living will declarations registrations and Acts of the Louisiana Legislature as well as the Revised Statutes pertaining to
Louisiana laws.

The Museums Division operates the state's many museums and historical exhibits. The mission of the Museums Program is to present exhibits, educational and other programs to the public to emphasize the political, social and economic influences, personalities, institutions, and events that have shaped the landscape of Louisiana's colorful history and culture and its place in the world. I will encourage and support fundraisers and develop volunteer teams to elevate the level of awareness of Louisiana’s unique historical venues.

Delta Music Museum  |  Eddie G. Robinson Museum  |  Germantown Colony Museum
Louisiana Military Hall Of Fame & Museum  |  Louisiana Military Museum  |  Louisiana State Cotton Museum
Louisiana State Exhibit Museum  |  Louisiana State Oil & Gas Museum  |  Louisiana's Old State Capital
Mansfield Female College Museum  |  Tioga Heritage Park & Museum


Senator A.G. Crowe wrote the legislation establishing The Louisiana International Deepwater Gulf Transfer Terminal Authority, a public-private partnership port that will lead to 20,000 good, high-paying jobs for Louisianians and boost the states' economy. He has a unique history of creating jobs both as a private businessman and as a legislator.
A.G. Crowe is a man of great integrity. His love of our state, it’s people combined with his experience, dedication and leadership would make him the perfect choice as our next Secretary of State. James E. Fitzmorris, Jr. Former Lt. Governor & Louisiana Statesman
As the former coastal director for Plaquemines Parish, I worked closely with the legislature to help develop laws and fund projects to save our coast. Senator A.G. Crowe was on the forefront of this effort, always making himself easily accessible and using common sense approaches, which lead the way to some of the largest coastal projects in US history.
I’ve had the opportunity to work with A.G. in the legislature. As a businessman, he brought fresh new ideas to help grow and protect Louisiana businesses. As a dedicated Christian, he holds the record to this day for the highest voting record with the Louisiana Family Forum in support of family values over his 16 years of service. I am honored to endorse A.G. as our next Secretary of State.
“I am supporting A.G. Crowe for Secretary of State. He is "solid as a rock" in every area of his personal and professional life.”
Chuck Sabadie
Chuck Sabadie CEO, The Sabadie Group
“I have known and worked with A.G. for many years in business and community projects. Only the “Energizer Bunny” exceeds his level of energy!"
“I am happy to give my support to my former seat mate in the Louisiana House of Representatives.”
Michelle Ward Ghetti
Michelle Ward Ghetti Law Professor
A.G. Crowe is a man who I am honored to call my friend. When he was in the Senate, I worked with him on a number of pieces of legislation. He is a principled, hard-working, sweet man with an especially close relationship with God. He has been a wonderful example and mentor to me. Please consider him for Secretary of State.
David Ritchie
David Ritchie
I know this man and his values. He stands with God by his side and has high standards and morals. I ask that all my friends and family in the state of Louisiana visit his website and FB page and share his experiences. Please do your research on the candidates then vote for the best candidate which I believe is A.G. Crowe.
Maria Morrow
Maria Morrow
A.G. Crowe is a man of exceptionally high principles. He has our support for Secretary of State for Louisiana!
AG Crowe is a good man, skilled businessman, and has done many good things for our communities while Senator, and as a member of the House of Representatives.
Marion B. Collins
Marion B. Collins
A.G. will absolutely have my vote! He is definitely what we need in the hierarchy of state government, integrity and ability to get things done.
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